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  • Credit unions gain ground among millennials

    August 28, 2014

    Millennials took a big financial hit during the recession, with wounds that are still fresh and unlikely to heal quickly, and a growing, under-utilized industry is hoping to build some new momentum.

  • The rising threat of medical identity theft

    August 22, 2014

    Commentary: In this digital information age, it’s imperative to closely guard personal information. If you pay attention to the news, you’re familiar with the concept of identity theft, the potential loss of financial information. However, there’s a new emerging type of identity theft — medical identity theft — and it can literally kill you. Here’s how your employees can protect themselves.

  • Who is EBA's Voluntary Adviser of the Year?

    August 20, 2014

    Sharla St. Rose, director of voluntary benefits at NFP Corporate Services, shares her passion for the product lines and why all brokers need to educate themselves on these benefits

  • 5 must-haves for life insurance enrollment meetings

    August 20, 2014

    Open enrollment season is a busy and important time of year for employers. Many employees are underinsured or unaware of the reasons they need life insurance. John West, director of product marketing at Standard Insurance Company, provides five focus areas for open enrollment meetings this year to ensure employees understand the need for the benefits and, ultimately, enroll in them.

  • Voluntary benefits help small businesses think big

    August 18, 2014

    Commentary: Blogger Rich Williams discusses how voluntary benefits can pay back big returns for your small employer clients in terms of employee retention and recruitment.

  • How to adjust your business to optimize voluntary sales

    August 6, 2014

    Commentary: Advisers are selling more voluntary benefits than in previous years, but as the number of employers considering these benefits in 2015 increases, ask yourself, are you prepared to sell these products and meet client needs?

  • Employers face litigation threat in FMLA cases

    August 6, 2014

    The costs of complying with the Family and Medical Leave Act are already large enough, but small employers must be vigilant of huge legal costs associated with inappropriate terminations.

  • 4 best practices for successful voluntary benefit participation

    July 29, 2014

    Voluntary benefits are increasingly seen by employers as an affordable way to fill gaps in benefit programs. According to legal solutions provider ARAG, four factors can play a critical role in the success of an employer's voluntary benefit participation.

  • Using behavioral economics to understand disability insurance purchasing decisions

    July 25, 2014

    Employees need disability insurance and most employers are offering a group solution. But what can be done to enhance employees’ adoption of their available coverage?

  • Top companies offering the best 401(k) plans

    July 24, 2014

    A first-of-its-kind ranking of 401(k) plans at the 250 biggest companies in the U.S. unveils which companies offer the most lucrative retirement benefits and those with the least lavish. Among the least generous are Facebook,, and Whole Foods. Here are the 35 companies with the most advantageous retirement offerings.

  • 5 ways to ease the burden of payroll deduction for clients

    July 22, 2014

    Commentary: Here are five important facts that can help free your clients and prospects from the burden of administration all while offering their employees more choice, more benefits and more value, according to guest blogger Scott Mardis.

  • Auto features, education are ‘powerful’ retirement tools for cautious under-30 investors

    July 22, 2014

    Benefit advisers and their employer clients are in a unique position to help the newest members of the workforce overcome investment fears and prepare for retirement.

  • Voluntary sales: You’re doing it wrong

    July 16, 2014

    Commentary: Learn about why you may be failing at cross-selling voluntary from columnist Nelson Griswold, and how to fix it.

  • Most small business employees dissatisfied with benefits

    July 16, 2014

    Few small business employees say they are satisfied with their company’s benefit offerings — revealing a need for benefit advisers to work with employers to create more comprehensive benefit packages with employee needs in mind.

  • Group legal can help you have a successful re-enrollment

    July 10, 2014

    Road to Workplace Benefits Mania: Ahead of the July conference, speaker Donald Rowe discusses why you need something new to talk about with clients and how there's a product that no one is too old, too sick, too tall, too short or too anything to be eligible for.

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