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  • Employers partner with academic institutions to create specialized programs

    August 27, 2014

    Employers from Starbucks to ConAgra have begun partnering directly with academic institutions to create specialized programs for their employees. It’s a new spin on an older system, as benefit managers are trying to evaluate the long-term benefits of helping to pay for their workers’ education.

  • How to sell as sucessfully as a Girl Scout

    August 22, 2014

    Commentary: If you want to be successful at voluntary sales, columnist Nelson Griswold says you should concentrate on selling a solution, not a product — much like the Girl Scouts aim to solve your cookie craving.

  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition

    August 22, 2014

    Commentary: Columnist Jack Kwicien shares how to transform your business by differentiating your processes and services to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Avoid these 6 worst practices

    August 21, 2014

    Commentary: Benefit advisers hoping to maintain satisfied clients after the first open enrollment period should avoid these common bad behaviors that could cost accounts in the long run.

  • Who is EBA’s Adviser of the Year

    August 19, 2014

    There is no distinction between client and prospect for benefit broker Will Glaros, managing partner of the Meyers Glaros Group in Dyer, Ind. — he’s there to help them all.

  • What should retirement plan services cost?

    August 19, 2014

    Commentary: When the discussion about retirement plan costs focuses too heavily on fees, Blogger Aaron Friedman says it's up to advisers to demonstrate the value employers receive in return for the price they pay.

  • 5 social media mistakes that cost you customers every day

    August 13, 2014

    It’s important for benefit agencies and businesses of all kinds to build a social media presence as a means to attract and retain clients. Here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid with social media and your company.

  • Voluntary carriers offering advisers more flexibility with marketing materials

    August 13, 2014

    Recognizing that benefit brokers play a key role in the marketing of voluntary benefits, insurers are beginning to offer them more flexibility in the marketing process.

  • What your prospect wants now

    August 12, 2014

    Commentary: Columnist and management consultant Craig Davidson discusses what your prospect wants from you now, and in the near future, in return for an agent-of-record letter.

  • A day in the life of benefit adviser Bob White

    August 4, 2014

    A day in the life of benefit adviser Bob White from Plan Benefit Analysts of Tulsa, Okla.

  • How benefit advisers can help with the 'nightmare' of health care delivery

    July 31, 2014

    While the logistics of health care growing increasingly complex, benefit advisers could and should play a crucial role in helping employers and employees understand the new health care delivery system.

  • UBA names Les McPhearson new CEO

    July 28, 2014

    United Benefit Advisors has named insurance veteran Les McPhearson its new chief executive officer. In a Q&A with EBA he talks about trends in the benefits industry and the future role of the trusted adviser.

  • Education heightens employee satisfaction with benefits, employers

    July 23, 2014

    Employees are increasingly dissatisfied with their benefits, and therefore dissatisfied with their employers, but new research shows better benefits education can help.

  • Prospecting in the digital age: 5 easy steps

    July 23, 2014

    Commentary: Blogger Sam Fleet says that in addition to offering new services to current clients to expand your business, brokers can prospect through new mediums and social networking platforms.

  • Brokers must work for carrier commissions on ACA exchanges

    July 23, 2014

    As some brokers continue to wait for their payments, it seems no one carrier is better or worse at this issue across the U.S. What is clear is that advisers who previously worked in group need to learn a new system to track and monitor commissions.

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