Michael Giardina

Senior Editor

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Health care employers need cure-all for retirement epidemic
July 11, 2014
Like other industries, health care employers and benefit plan managers in the health care sector are struggling mightily with...

U.S. employers continue slow, but steady, pay increases
July 10, 2014
Despite an improving economy, American employers continue to be cautious with pay increases for employees.

California delays ACA for small employers
July 8, 2014
California employers with fewer than 50 employees will not have to offer Affordable Care Act-compliant health plans until 2016...

Will minimum wage hikes impact employers?
July 3, 2014
Over the past two months, minimum wage increases have either been signed into law or enacted in states from coast to coast....

Why employers need ADA-compliant policies
July 2, 2014
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s vigorous zeal for employer compliance with the Americans with Disability Act is...

Bare-bones health plans may be small employers’ savior
July 1, 2014
With the employer mandate just around the corner, small- and medium-sized businesses are beginning to consider so-called...

Public benefits managers need to adopt private sector strategies
June 30, 2014
Public HR departments may need to tweak their traditional management and operational techniques to be more in line with the...

From war to the workplace: Benefits for hiring vets
June 26, 2014
An abundance of veterans in the U.S. - and the litany of disabilities experienced by so many of them - makes it especially...

Benefits pros advised to find strategy, compliance sweet spot
June 25, 2014
Dealing with the compliance and regulatory challenges of the Affordable Care Act and other employment legislation hasn’t left...

Skills-based recruiting 'fatally flawed'
June 24, 2014
At SHRM's annual conference, leaders from Disney and Western Union address creating a better company culture through better...


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