Michael Giardina

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Gender pay gap bill hits impasse in Senate
September 18, 2014
The movement towards eradicating the longstanding discrepancies of pay between male and female workers slowed this week when...

American retirement policy shifts to tax incentives
September 16, 2014
Despite great strides in retirement security, some lawmakers and benefit leaders see an opportunity to revisit tax policies...

Dunkin' Donuts, Food Lion face EEOC religious discrimination lawsuits
September 16, 2014
While freedom of religious expression has been at the heart of the ACA fight, it can be a more tricky matter when it comes to...

Harkin's ERISA bill could bank employers millions
September 12, 2014
A new Senate bill calling for an amendment to a controversial section of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act is...

War for talent: Organizations reassess pay, bonuses to compete
September 11, 2014
As the dust clears on the recession, and the job market picks up, employers are re-examining their compensation and bonus pay...

Cisco implements cloud-based benefits administration software for global workforce
September 10, 2014
For U.S.-based multinational companies, administering and communicating benefit plans in multiple countries – each with its...

Focus on CDHP education pays dividends for Zions Bancorporation
September 8, 2014
Diana Andersen’s efforts to educate employees made the Affordable Care Act a ‘nonevent’ for Zions Bancorporation. Andersen is...

CEOs concerned about ACA incentive rules
September 5, 2014
Ever since final rules under the Affordable Care Act dictated that outcomes-based wellness programs must offer reasonable...

Nonprofit HR departments see rise in influence, not size
September 3, 2014
HR professionals in the nonprofit sector are becoming increasingly more important to their organization’s operations, even if...

Illinois aims to end workplace discrimination against pregnant workers
August 29, 2014
Earlier this week, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a new law that is intended to prevent workplace discrimination against...


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