Michael Giardina

Senior Editor

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Employers make the business case for benefits through RFPs
August 26, 2014
With increased CFO involvement in health care and benefit decision-making, benefit managers are under more scrutiny than ever...

Employers create game plan for expected health care cost increases
August 22, 2014
In anticipation of the Affordable Care Actís excise tax, U.S. employers are planning to take more aggressive approaches to...

Profiles of achievement in wellness: University of Michigan
August 21, 2014
In this series, EBN profiles three companies with winning wellness programs. The University of Michigan shares how its network...

Why employees need 401(k) investment advice
August 21, 2014
While American employees appreciate having a 401(k) plan, the majority will likely spend more time planning for a new car...

The retirement readiness battle: Baby boomers vs. Gen X
August 20, 2014
When they leave the workforce, Generation X may be in a similar, not worse, retirement situation than baby boomers given their...

Profiles of achievement in wellness: Whirlpool
August 20, 2014
In this series, EBN profiles three companies with winning wellness programs. Whirlpool Corporation, the global manufacturer of...

Profiles of achievement in wellness: Robert W. Baird
August 19, 2014
Baird has a rich 95-year history of providing financial advice and services to its clients and being a best place to work for...

eHarmony launches career matchmaking site
August 15, 2014
Online dating site eHarmony is venturing into the hiring and recruiting world with the launch of a new careers platform.

Are pharmacy discount cards still relevant?
August 15, 2014
Providers of prescription drug discount cards are increasing their efforts to reach out to employers, even as the Affordable...

NLRB rulings pit employer policies against worker rights
August 14, 2014
Recent National Labor Relations Board rulings involving renowned jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. and a Verizon subsidiary point...


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