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Sales Opportunities for Brokers, Potential Savings for Employers

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Anecdotal evidence has long suggested that companies offering voluntary accident and disability insurance policies experience lower workers’ compensation claims. A new Aflac survey confirms this to be true. 40% of all companies providing access to voluntary accident insurance experienced declines in their workers’ compensation claims. Read more on how Accident and Disability insurance can lower your client’s operating expenses.

Four Reasons to Offer Legal Coverage as a Voluntary Benefit

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You want the best for your employees. You also want the best employees. Providing a wider array of voluntary benefits can help you gain both.

Bringing the Retail Experience to Employee Benefits: Create Your own in 5 Easy Steps

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Packaging together traditional employee benefits with complementary wellness products and services in bundles give employees more comprehensive coverage within an easier, consumer-friendly shopping experience. Bundles are a complete benefits package created for a certain lifestyle, age, or some other reflection of the employee. Through Maxwell’s shopping experience, employees are able to select a bundle that best fits their unique needs in one click, customize if needed, and check out.

Providing Brokers Value-Added Service Offering for Their Clients While Increasing the Bottom Line

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Identity Management and Fraud Detection Services are value-add services for inclusion in a broker’s program offering. Employee benefit providers are facing a unique challenge of attracting and retaining great employees. Providing programs that protect employees can lead to a great long-term employee relation.

Improving health outcomes for dental members, lowering costs for employers

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This white paper from Aetna Dental® tells how the Aetna Dental/Medical IntegrationSM (DMI) program helps dental and medical benefits work together for better overall health and value. Aetna’s pioneering integration of dental and medical care is an important part of whole-patient treatment. Increasingly, medical researchers are finding that dental health is closely linked to overall health. Integrating dental and medical data not only helps identify potentially chronic and expensive health conditions, but also may improve employee health and lower benefits costs.

Benefits Solutions for a Growing Part-Time and Variable-Hour Workforce

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Aetna Voluntary Plans takes a closer look at some key trends affecting the part-time and variable-hour workforce, explores the implications of the Affordable Care Act in more depth, and examines benefits solutions available to employers with large part-time and variable-hour employee populations. 

The paper, Benefits Solutions for a Growing Part-Time and Variable-Hour Workforce, provides an in-depth look at the biggest questions facing employers today.  

How Voluntary Benefits Give You the Advantage in Today's Health Care Reform World

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Voluntary products are changing the employee benefits game due to health care reform. Explore how voluntary products help employers meet HR objectives while providing more choices for employees. Review new research on what employees are say about voluntary products and their desire to purchase them.

Health Care Reform and the Big Shift in Employee Benefits Enrollment

Changes resulting from the ACA will alter the benefits enrollment process in terms of how employers and brokers conduct enrollment and the level and manner of employee participation. Industry experts recently discussed this timely topic during a roundtable discussion—click to read the highlights of that event, sponsored by Guardian and hosted by Employee Benefit Adviser.

Benefit Advisers: Keys to Surviving Under Health Care Reform

A study by SourceMedia Research and Employee Benefits Adviser, in partnership with Unum/Colonial Life, highlights the cause and effect that health care reform under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) will have on the benefits advisory industry.


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