Productivity drainers: 7 biggest workplace distractions

1. The biggest distraction at work according to 22% of employees surveyed was “personal relationship issues.” Implementing an employee assistance program (EAP) can be a valuable employee resource to help workers solve work and personal problems.

2. The next largest disruption at work was “coworkers who want to chat,” according to 19% of employees who said this was the biggest distraction.

3. “Challenges with work relationships” was cited by 16% of employees. Click here for strategies and tactics to deal with problem employees.

4. Close behind was “financial/legal problems,” the biggest distraction for 15% of workers.

5. “Child-related or caregiving issues” left 11% of employees in a fog while trying to concentrate at work. Employers of choice often excel in providing family-friendly benefits.

6. For 6% of workers, “personal health problems,” topped their list of distractions.

7. Finally, only 4% said “personal communications,” such as cell phones, e-mail/instant messenger, or social media was their Achilles’ heel to a productive work day.

Whether it’s the chatterbox in the next cubicle or following friends’ relationship dramas on Facebook, employees have a wide range of distractions competing for their time and attention at work. Here are the seven biggest distractions to employees, according to a poll from employee assistance program provider ComPsych. What’s most (and least) distracting may surprise you. (Images: Thinkstock)

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