5 bizarre insurance policies

5. Judge insurance 5. Judge insurance

If a participant is taking part in a high-stakes trial, they can insure their judge. In the 1980s, one of the parties in an expensive civil lawsuit purchased an insurance policy to cover the judge.

Because both sides had spent millions of dollars on the suit, they did not want to run the risk of losing all the money they'd invested if something happened to the judge during the trial, says Bell.

4. Kidnapping coverage 4. Kidnapping coverage

If a family is worth a pretty penny, they could be a prime target for kidnappers and extortionists. Many insurance companies offer Kidnap and Ransom insurance (also known as K&R).

While the insurance company doesn't actually pay the ransom, they will reimburse the family or corporation after they pay off the kidnappers.

3. Wedding insurance 3. Wedding insurance

After shelling out thousands of dollars for a wedding, many families are forced to cancel or postpone the celebration in the eleventh hour. There are a million and one reasons for a last-minute wedding cancellation.

And that's exactly why many insurance companies offer wedding insurance. Not only can couples purchase insurance to cover the wedding itself, but often these policies also cover damage to the bride's gown, stolen or broken wedding gifts, wedding photos, etc.

2. Body part coverage 2. Body part coverage

Rumor has it certain celebrities purchase hefty insurance policies on various high-value body parts: from Mary Hart's shapely gams to Tom Jones' lush chest hair to J Lo's bootylicious rump.

When it comes to legs, Heidi Klum allegedly insured hers for $2.2 million. After all, she gets paid big bucks to strut those lovely stems down the catwalk.

Bell shares that in 2006, Mariah Carey also insured her legs for a whopping $1 billion. Carey purchased the coverage shortly after agreeing to represent Gillette's "Legs of a Goddess" campaign.

1. Alien abduction policies 1. Alien abduction policies

Do you know someone who tosses and turns at night worrying about how their family would survive if evil aliens took them away? They should have no fear. They can always purchase an alien abduction insurance policy to cover this risk.

Believe it or not, London-based insurance company Goodfellow Rebecca Ingram Pearson offers this surprisingly popular alien abduction coverage. As a matter of fact, they have sold a total of 30,000 policies.

The company even sold a $1,000 group alien abduction policy to the Heaven's Gate cult shortly before their mass suicide. The company took a short break from selling these policies after the tragic event, but now the coverage is available again.

Plan participants choose to insure their beautiful legs, the threat of paranormal encounters or even their perfectly coiffed mustache. Amy Bell of WritePunch Inc. shares five of the weirdest insurance policies, ranging from interesting to shocking to downright bizarre.

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