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  • New York HIX insurers seek double-digit premium increases

    The six most popular insurance plans on the New York state health insurance exchange are seeking double-digit increases in their premium rates for next year, with an average request of a 14.6% rate hike.

  • What kinds of HRAs are permitted post-ACA?

    Commentary: While the rules are clear that employers cannot reimburse employees for coverage purchased on the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges, broker David C. Smith explores questions about post-ACA reimbursement arrangements, particularly HRAs.

  • The next era of benefits: carriers that consult

    Commentary: Allowing direct access between carrier resources and clients won’t just save you time — it can help reduce instances of disability in the workplace, says The Standard’s Brian Kost. Addressing issues early can help clients diminish the need for an employee to file a disability claim at all, he says.

  • 2014 benefit trends: 3 standout strategies

    Commentary: Addressing bswift’s annual benefits study, CEO Rich Gallun identifies trends and provides insight into how organizations are using wellness initiatives, consumerism and technology to shift responsibility for benefit decision-making and management from employer to employee.

  • 'Aggressive' compliance enforcement a top concern for employers

    As reports of more DOL audits continue to spook benefit advisers into talking compliance with their clients, employers are confirming that they, too, are fearful of federal agencies’ monitoring.

  • DOL investigating outsourcing of employee benefit plan services

    The DOL’s ERISA Advisory Council plans to identify current industry practices and trends regarding the types of employee benefit plan services being outsourced and the market for delivery of those services as part of its 2014 issue agenda.

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  • Agents ‘can’t do this for free’ on exchanges

    Galen Institute’s Grace-Marie Turner talked about conservatives’ view of both employers and brokers at a recent Washington policy conference on health reform alternatives. She shares her conclusions on the Affordable Care Act, next steps on broker compensation, and more.


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