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  • UBA names Les McPhearson its new CEO

    United Benefit Advisors has named insurance veteran Les McPhearson its new chief executive officer. In a Q&A with EBA he talks about trends in the benefits industry and the future role of the trusted adviser.

  • Hybrid retirement plans offer pension-styled security

    Many companies have frozen their defined benefit plans to new hires. Others have abandoned their pensions in favor of a 401(k) or other defined contribution plan. But not everyone is happy with DC plans because they often leave participants to fend for themselves when most have never had to make investment decisions.

  • Feds release draft tax forms for employer compliance with ACA

    The IRS released draft forms for employers to use to report health coverage offerings to employees, unveiling a glimpse of the administrative onus in store for benefit advisers and their employer clients working to comply with the health law.

  • Top companies offering the best 401(k) plans

    A first-of-its-kind ranking of 401(k) plans unveils which companies offer the most lucrative retirement benefits and those with the least lavish. Among the least generous are Facebook, and Whole Foods. Here are the 35 companies with the most advantageous retirement offerings.

  • Be wary of withdrawal liability with certain pension funds

    If any of your employer clients have pension funds associated with a union, benefits attorney Shaylor Steele of Benesch law firm in Cleveland says you should be aware of the issue of withdrawal liability. He explains it here and mentions three things your clients with this potential risk can do to mitigate concerns.

  • Will dueling district court decisions on ACA subsidies impact your employer clients?

    Two federal appeals courts have issued conflicting decisions about the legality of subsidies on the federal exchanges — a split that may have some significant impact on employer planning for ACA compliance.

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  • Agents ‘can’t do this for free’ on exchanges

    Galen Institute’s Grace-Marie Turner talked about conservatives’ view of both employers and brokers at a recent Washington policy conference on health reform alternatives. She shares her conclusions on the Affordable Care Act, next steps on broker compensation, and more.


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