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  • Easing Ebola fears in the workplace

    U.S. employers are not immune to the Ebola scare sweeping the country, but for most businesses, the risk of their employees contracting the virus remains extremely low. Nevertheless, employers are encouraged to re-examine their workplace travel policies and pandemic plans, say labor and business health experts.

  • Why introducing egg freezing coverage and other plan changes can be a slippery slope

    Several tech companies this week announced they would be adding egg freezing benefits to their health plan. While that may sound like a nice perk to some, making this and other benefit plan changes comes with risks that your employer clients, with your help, should consider.

  • Public and union employers’ attack plan for ACA excise tax

    With visions of the ACA's Cadillac tax on the 2018 horizon, major employers are already making arrangements to soften the blow and help deal with potential surcharges on employer-sponsored benefits - and working with their unions to control health plan costs.

  • ACA's impact on adjunct faculty members

    The concepts of hours of service and full-time loom large in the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate. But what happens when hours are not easily captured as is the case with adjunct faculty members?

  • Midsize employers lack confidence in ACA, benefit strategies

    Despite listing them as top concerns, employer groups under 1,000 lives express difficulty keeping up with health reform and regulations, ADP study finds.

  • New CEO lays out 2015 enrollment goals

    The new CEO of the federal health insurance marketplace, Kevin Counihan, knows there is room for improvement, but says new processes have ready for 2015 open enrollment.

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  • Agents ‘can’t do this for free’ on exchanges

    Galen Institute’s Grace-Marie Turner talked about conservatives’ view of both employers and brokers at a recent Washington policy conference on health reform alternatives. She shares her conclusions on the Affordable Care Act, next steps on broker compensation, and more.


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