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  • 14 reasons for advisers to be thankful

    From helping people save for retirement to guiding employers through the intricacies of the ACA to working with top-notch peers, employee benefit brokers and advisers share what they are thankful for this holiday season.

  • How to break away from the ‘commodity model’ of benefit advising

    Commentary: From the client perspective, brokers look the same, which makes you a commodity purchasing decision in their eyes. Q4intelligence’s Wendy Keneipp explains how to break away from this view and make yourself relevant and attractive to buyers.

  • Employer mandate focus of House Republicans' lawsuit

    U.S. House Republicans made good on a vote to sue the Obama administration over implementation of the 2010 health-care law with a lawsuit naming the Department of Health and Human Services and the Treasury as defendants in what they claim to be a case of constitutional overreach.

  • 5 blog ideas that will turn your readers into clients

    In the age of social media marketing, a benefit firm’s blog presence can create a steady stream of communication with clients and prospects. Author and marketing consultant Mark Satterfield shares five blog post ideas that will help you attract new clients (and strengthen your relationship with existing ones) by establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field.

  • Revamped immigration system could help employers in war for talent

    President Barack Obama outlined steps Nov. 20 that would revamp the nation’s “broken immigration system” by allowing undocumented immigrants to play by the rules and gain work authorization – potentially changing the rules for benefit managers.

  • What troubles HR about brokers

    If brokers and human resources departments worked together, it would bring “peace and harmony” to a difficult process, says Trisha Zulic, of Efficient Edge. But with two strong personalities often unwilling to listen to each other, it creates conflict, she says. Watch as Zulic explains why brokers need to reach out first and listen to their clients – and what that can lead to.

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  • Agents ‘can’t do this for free’ on exchanges

    Galen Institute’s Grace-Marie Turner talked about conservatives’ view of both employers and brokers at a recent Washington policy conference on health reform alternatives. She shares her conclusions on the Affordable Care Act, next steps on broker compensation, and more.


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