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  • What constitutes misuse of an adviser or other expert by a fiduciary?

    Employer clients acting as the fiduciary of a benefit plan may often seek the advice of their trusted adviser. ERISA recognizes that need but also disallows the misuse of an expert. So what qualifies as misuse?

  • TPAs remain in a ‘black hole’ on ACA contraception mandate

    Commentary: The HHS comment period for how to define a closely held, for-profit company continues. In the meantime, AmWINS Group Benefits’ Sam Fleet shares how third-party administrators are getting caught in the middle.

  • 5 things to consider before rehiring boomerang employees

    For employers, the phenomenon of boomerang employees – those employees who leave only to return sometime later – has been reinvigorated thanks to an attitude shift in the American workplace. Here are five considerations when deciding whether to rehire a boomerang employee.

  • Brokerage hiring practices ‘troubling’

    A huge majority of new employees come from within the insurance industry, and there is a wide discrepancy among firms, a recent study finds.

  • Weight management programs suffer from lack of innovation

    With more than one-third of U.S. adults being obese, employer-sponsored weight management programs can play an important role in the effort to get Americans to adopt healthier lifestyles.

  • 10 mistakes that may trigger a 401(k) plan audit

    Earlier this year, the Employee Benefits Security Administration at the U.S. Department of Labor, outlined initiatives to educate and protect 401(k) plan participants. Along with those initiatives comes an increased risk of a DOL audit for companies that don’t take the necessary steps to ensure their benefit plans are compliant and being properly administered for their employees.

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  • Agents ‘can’t do this for free’ on exchanges

    Galen Institute’s Grace-Marie Turner talked about conservatives’ view of both employers and brokers at a recent Washington policy conference on health reform alternatives. She shares her conclusions on the Affordable Care Act, next steps on broker compensation, and more.


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